Writing Guidelines

john reed

Absurdist writers, critics and thinkers from across the globe are invited to submit relevant articles at any time. You may also submit scholarly papers for inclusion in the Absurdist Library Project.

The categories below are suggested starting points. If you have an idea you think would be of interest to AMR readers, please feel free to send it in. There are a few things we do not take:

  • Fiction or any sort.
  • Poetry of any sort.
  • Interviews.
  • Book reviews focusing on content.
  • Story reviews focusing on content.

Now for what AMR does want...

Absurdist Writing Theory

1000-5000 words. Theory articles should cover the mechanics, not content, of absurdist literature including: metafiction, philosophy of nonsense, disruptive linguistics, phonesthesia or theories of reader activation & pursuasive control.

Absurdist How To's

1000-5000 words. "How to..." articles should cover ways of distributing absurdist material. Making print journals, zines, starting your own publishing house, eBook production, building / administering discussion boards, usenet advertising, etc.

Experimental Methods

500-8000 words. Articles on experimental, absurdist writing methods should cover the step by step process of generating stories with the method. Excerpts may be included, but this is not a story section.

Absurdist Story Analysis

1000-5000 words. Analysis articles should focus on what the author is attempting to accomplish in the piece and how he or she executes it. Topics can include: structural or design issues, language or device usage. Don't submit articles analyzing the content of a story.

Absurdist Monthly Review is Free PDF magazine. There's no money to pay for articles at the present time. There are currently no deadlines for submission. Each issue will publish every 48 to 55 days as enough material become available. Send submissions as attachments in .docx, .doc, .rtf or .txt formats only. Do not include in email body.

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