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john reed

Get your hands dirty with experimental writing how to's you can use!

Each issue of Absurdist Monthly Review focuses one or two articles on absurdist and experimental writing how to's, giving the reader something to play with, think about and use in their own work.

john reed

Join with writers like yourself who are tired of status quo literature!

AMR's news and absurdist community sections let you know you're not alone, even though you're a freak and people point at you.

john reed

If you think literary theory is boring & useless, you havn't taken enough acid!

Scholarly papers on literary criticism, philosophy & history don't have to be boring. AMR's visual, magazine format allows us to present these important works in a way accessible to everyone.

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Absurdist Monthly Review is free to download anytime, but in the near future AMR will begin publishing limited print runs of the magazine that will only be available to subscribers. So sign up now. All it takes is an email address. We never trade, sell or otherwise abuse your poor email.

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